Sunday, January 9, 2011

AppEngine Remote Shell, Part 2

After my post on remote manipulation of the Google AppEngine datastore, I have been told that GAE included

After trying desperately to use it, I went back to my simple script. Here's a StackOverFlow post about the issue I have encountered.

GAE guru Nick Johnson commented (in 2009 mind you):

Google Accounts for authentication, and you yourself use a Google Apps account, you will not be able to authenticate against your app as an administrator using that account, even if you've created a Google Account for that email address. The workaround for now is to create a gmail account and add it as an administrator of your app, using that whenever you need to authenticate against your app as an administrator. You can still use your existing account for deployments and to log in to the admin console.

It's a pain, I know - I run into it every day myself.

And the problem is still there today, in 2011, while my humble script works for all I need it for.

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